Most days you'll find me with a coconut milk latte in hand, two handsome boys in tow, making the school run, football run, basketball run, or diaper run... though you'll probably never find me actually running!  I'm more of a drop-dead-from-my-workout type of girl. 

I work as a Systems Analyst by day and as a Coach and Peach Stylist by night.  In between work, shuffling my 15-year-old around to school and sports, and starting it all over with a  newborn, I squeeze in about an hour everyday working on myself! 
I dedicate my life to my boys, Connor and Cody. It took a long time to realize that to be the best for them, I have to be the best version of me. Health and fitness has become one of my top priorities and I only wish I started sooner. 

Beachbody has opened so many doors for me!  Having Beachbody on Demand has allowed me to work out any time and any where I can squeeze it in!  The support, fitness, and nutrition that Beachbody offers is some of the best in the industry!

In addition to my health and fitness, I fell in love with Peach! Peach is an apparel company for gym, work, and play!  Peach's mission is  be a force for good for women by helping them to thrive personally and professionally.     

If you're like me with a crazy, non-stop, minute-by-minute day, I'd love to get to know you!  I'm on a mission to build a community of like-minded, strong women!  Join me as a Coach, Stylist, or both!

This is what i do...

mom, tech pro, coach, stylist