"My life is about loving the people that I am surrounded by and following my dreams," says the lovely Angie Stevenson, in a whimsical voice that typifies her suggestive Marilyn-esque persona. Photographs of Angie, while quite often compared to the late 50's sex symbol, most often depict her as the modern Renaissance gal she has become.

Stevenson grew up in a loving bohemian-style home in Santa Cruz, California. Her father was a karate champion and her mother, a painter and jewelry maker. By age five, Angie was intent on finding her way to Hollywood. "When I was little, I used to write in my journal that I wanted to become an actriss," giggles Stevenson. "My spelling has improved since then, but my passion never left me!" Her sister, Avery Rose, an accomplished singer and songwriter, also lives in Los Angeles, where the two support each other's dreams.

Her unique approach to performing arts blurs the lines between acting, modeling, voice-over arts and inovating creative concepts. With an old-fashioned soul, but a mind open to modern innovation, Angie is also a business woman with a keen sense of developing her brand and vision. Angie approaches her craft with dedication, but also with a refreshing sense of passion that makes her work instantly valuable and remarkable.

Having appeared in onscreen performances in genres such as sci-fi and horror, among others, Angie keeps expanding her portfolio, consistently growing as an actor, personality and as a human being.